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Posted On
Jan 25, 2011
Posted By
Kelly Smith

My favorite is the Trans Am…My first car was one that looked just like it…oh to be young again, good times. But I love the black charger…did you do the pink on the rims too???? Gee think I can get My nissan CUBE “pinked” out…it’s a girl thing.

Posted On
Jan 27, 2011
Posted By
Mat "Gunner" Gunsell

Hello Kelly! Thank you so much for the reply! Yes, we did do the pink on the rims! Amazingly enough the vinyl used now a days holds well to almost anything and we have had nothing but good responses to the colored rims! Please let us know if you want to “pink” your Nissan Cube, Ill be happy to do it! BIG THANX!

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