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The News is Wrapped up by Ram Studios!

Make headlines with your own vehicle wrap.

Trailers make great billboards!

Why waste all of that ad real estate? Wrap your work or recreation trailer!

Detail isn’t a problem.

Motorcycles have lots of curves, our wrap product handles it like a pro!

Pictures Tell Stories

Your vehicle will tell your story! With pictures you can “drive” them to your phone or website.

Don’t be shy!

Your business needs exposure. A vehicle wrap will do just that! Create a rolling billboard!

Make a statement!

Full wrap of a vehicle is now possible. Create a rolling billboard for less than a paint job!

No Limits

huge graphical banner

Large format printing has arrived!

Ram Studios is committed to leading edge technology. This banner is an example of printing a beautiful design on a large banner to create impact.


Frosted Look

Decorative films can change the look of your glass.

Brush Stroke Look 

Brush Stroke

Get creative with the appearance of glass partitions and windows.

Rain Water Look 

Rain Water

The films are durable and make an impact.

gamberwear shirt

Logo Creation

Bring your brand to life.
Create a unique and popular image with this great advertising tool.

All Catalytic Converter

Staff Identity

Make your staff identifiable, plus they become walking billboards!

comedians rock

Event Promotion

Promote your event and earn a few dollars with a cool T-Shirt design.

privacy tint


The best film, professionally installed will give you the best look.

When you’re spending money on your ride, you want the best.

privacy tint

Keep’n Cool

Window tints are cool, cool on the inside.

Save your interior from the sun. Your leather deserves the best treatment – less sun.

privacy tint


You can see out just fine, but they can’t see you.

We can apply the greatest amount of tint that is legal!


Details Matter

We make custom graphics.

Can you think of something creative?

Feature Demo Image

Add style

Durable and stylish, we can add the details you want.

Feature Demo Image


Don’t limit yourself to one color. We can create complex patterns and follow complex angles.

Top Reasons To Create A Banner

1Attention Grabbing: a Banner can be placed to grab attention to your product or service.

2Timely Message: a Banner can be created for a specific message or event.

3 Cost Effective: a Banner is very affordable, yet durable to last for years.

4Creative: custom graphics and photos can now be printed on banners.

5Variety of Sizes: pic your size, we have great flexibility in what size to print to.

6Fast: a banner can be created in much less time than a sign.

Andre Dirrell Vehicle Wrap

Silver Metallic Van become Work of Art!

This vehicle wrap took us about 10 days to produce with printing and installation and can you believe the origianl color of the vehicle was silver metallic!!!! It was produced on a Mimaki solvent printer. The JV3-160sp at 720 x 720 on Orajet 3951RA with 290 Laminate. The pictures just do not do it justice. This thing is amazing. The artwork was produced by Promotions Ink out of Flint Michigan. Mike did a great job laying out the artwork, so our hats off to him.

Andre Dirrell shows off his flair with a vehicle wrap on his custom van.